Grupo Planus

In its more than 40 years of existence, the Grupo Planus has been the one stop shop for accounting outsourcing services in Brazil, with an emphasis on helping international companies doing business in the country.

Grupo Planus

What we do

We advise companies on the accounting and tax challenges of their business in Brazil. We have several structures for Taxes, Accounting, Personnel, Financial Management, Human Resources, Audits and others.

Business Segments

Our services are aimed at serving domestic and foreign companies and individuals, in the most diverse fields of activity. We have expertise in serving companies from different segments of the economy, always seeking to strengthen their partnerships through a good relationship, professional commitment and specific knowledge.

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International Presence

Our group is part of TIAG® - The International Accounting Group, an international alliance of independent accounting firms that, with TAGLaw, form "TAG Alliances", the third largest professional alliance in the world.

Together we are more than 17,000 professionals impacting more than 755 offices in 108 countries around the world.


We are also part of important international development chambers - Bratecc, EIC and NBCC.


Rio de Janeiro

Av. Rio Branco, 43 - 15º/18º/20º andares

Centro - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

+55 (21) 2211-0011


Av. Nossa Sra. da Glória, 2.987 - sl. 101

Cavaleiros - Macaé, RJ

+55 (22) 2765-5373

São Paulo

Rua Alves Guimarães, 462, 2º andar

Pinheiros - São Paulo, SP

+55 (11) 96764-9722